Independence Days Challenge - Week 6

Not much to report this week - we've been working a lot on the living room drywall, and after I clean up, eat supper and get clean myself, I just don't have any energy left most nights.

1. Plant Something.


2. Harvest Something.


3. Preserve Something.

I've heard a lot recently about "Cowboy Candy" - basically pickled jalapenos, and thought I'd try a small batch now - that way, if I like them, I know to plant more this year in the garden. So, I cut the recipe in thirds, which made exactly one pint with a bit of syrup left over. I'm going to let them sit for a week or two before trying them, but I'll let you know how they turn out.

And since I had the canner out... I made 12 half pints of cranberry sauce. Yeah, I know - so NOT the season for it! But I'm roasting a chicken this coming week, and really wanted cranberry sauce to go with it. So instead of buying a can, I bought some frozen berries and made my own. Of course, like usual, I over did it a it. Note to self: buy only ONE bag next time, not three!

Let me tell you - cranberry sauce is about the easiest thing you can make. Add 1-2 inches of water to the bottom of a large, non-reactive pot, bring to boil, chuck in the clean, picked-through berries and cook until most of the berries have popped. Add sugar to taste (and maybe some other bits - lemon zest might be good, or apples, or grated ginger...), bring back to boil, then either use as is or can for later use (1/2 " head space, 15 minutes for pints).

4. Waste Not.

Other than adding odds and ends to the stock stash in the freezer, nothing.

5. Want Not.

Cranberry sauce added to the stash.

6. Eat the Food.

I made another batch of chili, all from food storage.

7. Build Community Food Systems.


8. Skill Up.

Do drywall seams count?

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