The true meaning of Christmas

Religion, family and friends, tradition, thumbing your nose at the dark days of winter with a display of greenery and lights...


The true meaning of Christmas, the reason for the season... dressing your dog up in silly hats, and laughing at the result.

Kip really does wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Really. Honest.

Bah humbug!


sorry for the poor video quality - maybe Santa will bring me a real video camera!!

Ho ho...

Supervisor dog supervises... but does little actual work.

More shopping...

Getting there...


Fortunately, it snowed after I was done.

mmm... snow

And yes, I found the wreath hanger!

Weirdness, part one

Completely off topic, but...

(and no, I am NOT done my Christmas decorating. What's your point?)

I am not afraid of heights. I love roller coasters. I can drive over tall bridges in a single bound. But pictures like this* give me the willies.

Most people don't encounter such pictures too often, but that was one of the hazards of working in plant pathology for 15 years. You see, plant pathologists take a lot of picture of plants, dead, alive or somewhere in between. Plants in the field, on lab benches, in the greenhouse. And for the most part, they attempt to stand over the plants, and shoot straight down. But very seldom is it dead-on straight down - it's often slightly angled. And most people cannot tell which way is "up" in such shots when they are presenting the slides (at meetings, conferences, publications, etc.).

But I can tell. Every time. And to the vast amusement of some of my colleagues (you know who you are!!). Who delighted in showing me such pictures - and watching me turn green.

Fun times.

So yeah. This is one of my many completely useless life skills. Being able to tell which way is up. Think it will make me rich?


* That picture is from this blog:

A 16 year old Australian woman sailing solo around the world. Even if you don't think that's an appropriate adventure for one so young, the blog makes for great reading.


Someone went shopping...

Someone who likes to live a bit dangerously...

Not too bad for someone's first attempt at wreath making!

Now someone just has to find the rest of the decorations... and the wreath hanger...


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