It's a start...

This is what the kitchen looked like originally.

This is what it looked like Thursday morning.

This is what it looked like Thursday afternoon.

I can't WAIT to see what it will look like in a few weeks!

But before then, decisions, decisions, decisions!

So far:

Cabinets, which will be painted the same white as the trim and ceilings (Benjamin Moore "Oxford White"). The doors will have the double bead detail, but the drawers will just have plain centres:

Countertop: "Oiled Soapstone" laminate:

Knobs and pulls: Brushed satin nickle finish, knobs on doors, pulls on drawers:

Lights: pot lights in the kitchen area, and this over the dining room table:

And possible floor, with possible paint colour. The two paint colours are "Pale Sea Mist" (top) and "Dark Linen" (bottom), both from Benjamin Moore. They are lighter shades of the green in the living room chair, and I'm veering towards the lighter of the two shades. Even though it's called Dark Linen, it's still quite green!

So, the kitchen plans are finalized, the cabinets, counter top and hardware ordered, the floor and paint possibly picked out...

... now we just need everything else. Like walls, and plumbing and wiring.  HELP!



This isn't just a squash.

This isn't just a winter squash.

This isn't just the first (and only) winter squash I've managed to grow.


This is a certified, prize-winning, champion squash.

This is not me. This is Wil Wheaton. Just in case you were wondering.

Full disclosure: there were only four squashes entered, because crappy summer, but still.

Do you see what I see?

Do you see it?


Do you see it now?


How about now?

Isn't it cool! Yes, that is indeed a tomato hornworm being parasitized by a wasp - the white things are the wasp eggs, and when the larvae hatch, they feed on the hornworm.  Bwahahahahhahahaha!  I love nature in action, especially when it means I don't have to squish that damn thing!

If you ever see a parasitized hornworm in your garden, do NOT kill it. Let it live, so that the wasps can reach adulthood, and go out and kill more hornworms. Natural insect control for the win!

Katydid vs Katydid

I saw these in the garden today:

That is a Katydid.

This is also a Katydid.

But only one of them is a tomato thief.


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