Shed update

I just realized I never showed the "finished" shed interior. 

Here is the pegboard and workbench (which was made from building scraps) on the back wall.


 The other side of the back wall, with electrical cords and lawn stuff:

The two front wall corners, with the garbage and recycling bins (I made the recycling bin stand from building scraps as well), and bird seed containers and space to hang the snow shovel and rake:

And the cross ties for the roof, that are used for storage as well:

Not too bad for a shed.  But note the presence of the agility jumps and weave poles - spoiled dog!!  I just hope there is enough room for a snow blower...

My immune system goes all the way to 11

"Dog Vomit" slime mold

There is yet another washed-up actress trying desperately to promote herself by jumping on the "I'm not a doctor, and I didn't even play one on TV" bandwagon. 

First we have Jenny McCarthy on autism*.  Now, it's Susanne Somers on cancer (I think - her "interview" on Larry King Live was a bit.... asinine idiotic laughable vague).

I'm not against alternative medicines, homeopathy, "natural" remedies, etc.  But I am against medical "miracles" that cannot be proven - especially when people are making money off of them. 

This site mentions that what she may have had was a fungal infection - one that generally only affects people with a compromised immune system.

One wonders if she sees the irony in that??

* Please note - I am in no way denying the severity of issues like autism, just mocking the face time "famous" people get who have NO idea what the hell they are talking about, and the people who for some reason look to these "stars" for information...

This is why

Even though I work in Niagara Falls, I live in Fort Erie. People are always asking me why, since the current 20 minute commute will become much longer once winter hits - and there will most likely be some days when I won't make it into work at all due to road closures.

There are, of course, many reasons I chose to buy a house where I did (the main one being I did not want to live in the Falls - it's changed too much since I last lived there, almost 20 years ago). But here is the main reason I bought the house I did - all of these were taken on one of our daily walks, only minutes away from home.

There is nowhere in the Falls that I could let Kip off-leash*, for almost the entire walk, and in an area that gives him so much fun.

* yes, it is against city by-laws to both have a dog off-leash and on the beach. It's October - there is no one else on the beach, and very few other people even walking in the area. I pay attention, and call Kip to me if there is someone else walking, and I always have his leash (and his tags - note he's not wearing a collar) with me. If I ever get caught, so be it :)

Swine flu rant

This is a quick rant - I need to work on a longer post about the public's perception of diseases, vaccine safety and science, but I don't have time at the moment.  But this drives me nuts. 

Long story short - a family member most likely had the "dreaded" swine flu last week.  No problems, she's fine this week.  But another family member was incredibly worried, since "1 in 6 people die of it".

I heard that comment in passing, and it made me think for a moment, but the topic veered to other things, and I didn't get back to it right away.  Later on though, I happened to come across an internet news article about it.

Indeed, the death rate is 1 in 6.  For people sick enough to be admitted to ICU.  Not those admitted to the hospital in total, but the subset who are sick enough to be in need of intensive care.  The article actually made this quite clear if it was read, but skimming it would lead one to a false conclusion. 

And that drives me 'round the bend.  Statistics are generally so mangled by the media, and then further mangled by the public, that it's no wonder that we are in the midst of swine flu hysteria.  It's no wonder that there are many people how believe that vaccines are useless, or even worse, dangerous.  Who believe that "nature" is all that's needed to have healthy people (and canines).  And trying to debate with these people is worse that trying to push string.  Anything you say is dismissed, since you are obviously close-minded, not a critical thinker, or worse, university educated!!!!  GASP!  Okay, enough for now.  But I'll be back...


Running back to Saskatoon...

I went back to 'Toon town for the weekend.

I stayed with friends, C & J, and we managed to get here to see a new play, The Walnut Tree, even though the extra ticket C. bought for me was "lost" by some sort of screw-up. But thanks to karma and the generosity of a friend, all 3 of us got to see one of the best performances I've ever seen.

Persephone Theater

I stopped by my old workplace to reconnect with some great people. And for coffee. Because you know, that's what work is really about - coffee time.

I spent some time absorbing the energy of the never-stop twins, almost-four-year-old K & R.

(R's self-portrait. K didn't stop long enough to get a photo taken!)

But mostly I went for this event:

Which leads me to today's version of...

You know you're at a prairie wedding when:

1. The guys running the bar have cowboy hats on.

2. These are the table decorations.

3. Everyone at the table, including the engineer, can identify the seeds used for the wedding decorations.

4. There is a discussion about the apparent frost damage on some of the seeds.

5. And one about the under-representation of pulse crops.

6. This is played at the wedding dance.

7. More than one wedding guest is "dressed up" wearing new Wranglers and a big belt buckle.

8. The DJ plays a polka, followed by a country song, followed by a current rock song. And the age group of those dancing to each is not what you'd predict.

9. Introductions to strangers include what chemical/seed company they work for (and you immediately know 5 other people they work with).


10. Much discussion is about the fact that thought it's only 4 C and overcast, it was a nice day for an October wedding because, you know, it might have snowed.

Traditional Norwegian wedding cake - very yummy!


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