Sometimes, things just work out right.

I needed a load of dirt to top up the vegetable garden beds, so Dad brought over a load this morning, and I spent a few hours moving the straw mulch, adding dirt, then replacing the mulch.  I had planted a couple of beds last weekend (finally!!), so only 3 beds got filled, but it's good for now. 

Last year, in a fit of impatience, I bought a couple of discount potentillas, and plopped them in front of the shed on either side of the door.  Ever since then, I've looked at the beds and though "hey, those really need to be edged and mulched, and some other things added... maybe some trellises and morning glory, or clematis..."

Today, after working in the vegetable garden, I looked at the beds as I was putting the tools away in the shed, and thought, once again, "hey, those really need to be edged and mulched, and some other things added... maybe some trellises and morning glory, or clematis...".  And so, at 3 pm, I went looking for edging material at the local hardware store. 

Now, a quick rant on edging.  I hate, despise, cannot stand, that black plastic edging.  And most other stuff sold as edging is just as bad.
So I, although I knew what I didn't want for edging, I didn't quite know what I did want.  All I knew was it had to be not plastic and not pricey.  Easy, right?

Actually, it was easy!  I ended up grabbing some "cobblestones", generally used for patios and walkways.  On edge, they make a great edging, and at less than 67 cents each (including tax), definitely within budget.  I also bought a couple of bags of cedar bark mulch (which ended up costing almost twice as much as the stones!), came home, grabbed the shovel, and less than an hour later, had two edged and mulched beds.

Of course, the poor little potentillas still looks lost all by themselves, but I got a gift certificate for a local garden centre form my sister for Christmas this past year, so tomorrow, on the way home from visiting Mom for Mother's Day, I'll stop there and get some other plants.  And Dad is going to make a couple of trellises for me, so it is all coming together :)

Sometimes, things just work out right!

And a Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!

I voted - did you?

I cannot stand politics.  I hate the one-up-man-ship, the point-scoring, the nasty attacks on the other parties... but I vote.

I vote for lots of reasons.  I vote because I don't think you have the right to complain if you don't vote.  I vote because that is my official voice.  I vote in mind of all the millions of people who cannot vote in their country.

But there is one overwhelming reason I vote.

When my grandmother was born, in this country, women did not have the right to vote.

Women were not considered persons under the law.

Her mother, her aunts, her grandmothers were all powerless.  They had no voice.  They were not considered persons under the law.

I vote in honour of them, and for those women (and men) who stood up to the system, and demanded to be counted.

I vote in honour of them, because not voting belittles their memory and their fight.

I vote because I AM a person under the law, and I have those women to thank for my freedom.

I vote.  Do you?


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