You know you've been working too hard when...

...the sawhorses start staring at you.

But at least they aren't talking to me.


I promise to post an update on the house soon.  Really.  :)

Sufferin' Squash Attack!

The squash is taking over the world yard.

Mostly, it's spaghetti squash.  Like this:

This is only one.  Without moving, or looking under leaves, I counted 19 more friends for this guy.

20+ spaghetti squash.  Not too much, right?  Right?

And then there's the buttercup squash - cutest thing in the garden:

Except for this:

Baby watermelon!  All together now - awwwwww!

And this:

Baby pattypans!

Okay, I'll stop with the squash.

Right after this:

Yellow zucchini!  (Thank you, spellcheck inventor, because I never spell zuchinni zucchinni zucchini correctly).

I've been eating green zuchinni zucchinni zucchini for a while now, the acorn squash is just flowering, and the cucumbers... well, the less said about them, the better.  I don't think I'll have too many this year.  But I am getting some lemon cucumbers:

Even though the plant looks like this:

The tomatoes are coming right along, along with the peppers, finally:


I've been eating radishes, spinach and some lettuce for a while now, and just harvested 3 heads of this:

And two napa cabbages - stir fry tonight!

The heads are rather small, but I had to share with the cabbageworms {shudder}.  In fact, they got one entire head, and one didn't head out at all, so the napa is batting 50% this year. 

Other things have been going on while I've been busy elsewhere:



I'm surprised I have any peas, after the Great Rabbit Attack of 2010.

Not only did the *&@* thing eat the peas, it SLEPT on them.  Morning after morning,  in spite of the fence, I'd look out the window to see the rabbit snoozing away.

So then I killed it, gave the carcass to the dogs,  and spread it's fur to warn all the other rabbits.  Bwahahahahahhaaa!!

Okay, not really.  But I did spread fur around the garden and it seems to be working!  I have an excess of fur for some reason...

"I'm cute!"

You're fat!

 "I don't like you anymore.  You hurt my feelings"

That's okay.  You're still fat.*

The garden is growing, and doing quite well, especially for my first one ever - at least in my opinion.

"But the garden is not us, so it is unimportant.  Now get us food"

*Katy has actually lost ~3 pounds so far.  So while she has a weigh way to go, she's doing really well!  Good girl!!  And yes, a house update is coming!


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