Smart dog...

Kip loves going to visit my parents. So much so, that when we turn onto their road (from either direction), he'll sit up in the car, and start yodeling/whining/howling, because he knows where we are going! Once we arrive, he will sit in the car, screaming to be let out. (Of course, I ignore him until he stops). Once I let him out of the car, he runs back in forth between me and the front door, barking his head off - "come on Mom, hurry it up!!!".

He started doing this the second time we were there - which was 2 months after the first time, and when he was less than a year old. It amazed me that he remembered at the time, but he has managed to amaze me even more this past week.

My parents went on vacation, so Kip and I stayed there for a week to look after the cat and the house. We arrived before my parents left, and Kip did his usual routine in the car as we turned onto the street. We got there, my parents left, and all was fine.

The next day, I came back here to get the mail, check the house, etc., and brought Kip along. I drive back to my parents house, turn onto their street, and Kip does... nothing. We pull into the driveway, and Kip does... nothing. I let him out of the car, and he does a very nice off-leash heel with me all the way to the door.

The entire week, this is how Kip acted while arriving at my parents house. He knew they weren't there.

My parents are home again. We went over for supper last night. I turned onto their street, and the old Kip came back. He knows. Smart dogs - gotta love them!

Aw, that's snow fun!

Here's Kip having fun in the snow - the silly boy leaps like a gazelle when it's too deep for him!

Which reminds me of another snow story.

Kip will be two in February, so this is really only his second winter. Last winter we got a bit of snow (and lots of really cold weather), but Saskatoon never gets the snowfall we do here. So this is really Kip's first winter dealing with a lot of snow.

A couple of weeks ago, it snowed. And Mr. Potato Brain decided the snow was too deep in the backyard for potty time, so I took him for a walk. It was around 8 pm, still snowing, and the roads were terrible - thus there were no cars around. Being the responsible pet owner that I am, I let Kip off leash while walking down the unplowed side street. After a few steps, I realized Kip had stopped, and was whining at me.

I am a hard-hearted woman.

I ignored him, and kept walking.

After a few more steps, I looked again.

The wee genius decided to dog my footsteps - he was stttrreeettcchhiinnggg out, placing his feet into my footsteps, all so he wouldn't have to plow through the snow himself, silly boy.

Did I mention I was hard-hearted?

As I continued walking, I meandered from one side of the street to the other, just to see if Kip would continue to follow - and he did.

I love smart dogs!

I resolve

I generally do not make New Year's Resolutions, since my resolve lasts as long as the snow here. I also find a lot of resolutions too vague or too unattainable.

But this year, I think I have a resolution that is doable - and good for the environment.

I resolve to shop with reusable shopping bags all year.

I already have a lot of reusable shopping bags, that generally live in the trunk of my car. I tend to remember I have them once I'm already in the store, and I'm too lazy to go back to the car to get them. So, really, all this resolution requires of me is to remember to take the bags with me.

Easy? Yep. Simple? Yep. Will it change the world? Nope - but it will change me and my world, and that's what counts.

Of course, I also resolve to loose weight, get in shape, keep the house neater, cure cancer, stop all wars, discover the lost city of Atlantis and be a better person. But this way, I have at least one resolution that I might actually be able to keep.

Happy New Year to all!


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