Hey! Wasn't this supposed to be a home reno blog?

Yes, yes it was. So here, without further ado, some home renos.

Actually, making pie pastry is remarkably similar to mixing up concrete (mix wet to dry until the right consistency is achieved...), making this weekend eerily similar to last one, just with fewer peaches.

There were holes in the foundation, which allowed water into the crawlspace, which meant the insulation guys couldn't spray the foam onto the crawlspace walls (something about water and electricity not mixing). So, after a few (finally!) dry days, a batch of hydraulic cement, some grubby clothes, and hey presto, a patched foundation. And yes, I did this by myself!!

Those were the largest cracks; there were a few smaller ones that patched easily. In fact, it was all pretty easy. It's not perfect, but it will do the job until I get the entire thing re-parged (which won't happen until the new siding is put on, which won't happen for a couple of years yet).

The astute amongst you will wonder at my lack of hysteria re: a cracked foundation. That's because what was patched isn't actually what's holding the house up. The house is on a pier foundation, and the cracks are only in the areas between the piers, which are not structural at all. The astute may also wonder at the green pipe. We* think it was the old waste water pipe, but it's not actually connected to anything inside the house. Where is goes and what it's connected to outside the house is anyone's guess. I told my boss this week at work that the more I look into things there, the more mistakes I find, so I'm going to stop looking. The same goes for certain things in the house... like the green pipe :)

*We = Dad. I have no opinion on odd green pipes.

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