This is the life

Still here.

Still alive.

Still renovating.

What's new?  A diagnosis of asthma, complete with a monthly prescription that costs the same as my mortgage payment.  Thankfully, I have a drug plan that will pay 80% of it.  While I could (just) afford it without the drug plan, it would make things VERY tight.  Very very tight.  It makes me realize more and more what people go though who don't have health plans.  What's more important - heat or medicine?  Food or medicine?  And while I've spent almost $250 on medications in the last few weeks (80% of which will eventually come back to me), the trips to the ER, the visits to the walk-in clinic, the X-rays, the visit to my new family doctor, the second set of X-rays - all "free".  (Yes, yes yes, I know they are paid by my tax dollars.  So are the roads I drive down, the fire and police stations I drive by, the utility infrastructure I depend on for water, heat and electricity, etc.)

But that's all a post for another time :)

In renovation news - all the "old" section of the house is now insulated!  Except the kitchen, which was previously "updated", and presumably has updated insulation.  Of course, the kitchen walls still have to come down, since they consist of two layers of drywall.  Of course, it's SO much easier just to slap on another layer, rather than taking the first layer down... grrrrrr.....

And I have no hopes of there being a vapour barrier behind the walls, since there is none in the rest of the house (including in the ceiling of the addition - nothing is holding the batt insulation up.  Which is probably why the batt insulation is falling out of the ceiling, into the space between the studs and the suspended ceiling).  Fun times.

More posts, more pictures.  I promise - once again :)

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  1. Hope you're feeling okay and things are smoothing out. I thank my lucky stars for our health coverage too. Have fun with that drywall. ;~)



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