Door, window, window, door.

One of the major projects left to do is moving the door and three windows in the kitchen and back addition.
Why are we doing this?  Well...

Basically, it comes down to "if we are putting this much work into the house, we may as well do that as well".

The small (really small) kitchen has both the electric panel and a window that is located too low on the wall for a counter top to go under it.  So, let's swap out that window for the other window in the back wall of the addition, which is longer and shorter.  And while we're at it, let's move the panel... right where that other small window is.  And then let's make that wall an entire wall of storage space, and move the door over next to that, to make the rest of the space more usable, and give enough room for the new laundry area...

Poor Dad :)

This was the small window in the north wall of the addition.  It really was in an odd spot - near the kitchen wall, half way up the wall - just sort of there.  Dad tore it out a while ago, and insulated and drywalled that wall.  That will be the wall that will be storage eventually, and will have the new electric panel.

The old laundry area, with the oddly-located window.  Please ignore the pile of laundry ;)

The window on the back (east) wall of the addition is too close to the wall for the storage area I want, and so, it needed to be moved.  The door, right beside it, also needed to be be moved, to allow me to re-configure the bathroom and furnace area into a bathroom, furnace area and laundry area. 
Window (which will eventually be relocated in the kitchen)
 Door, and poorly-installed hot water heater.  

The hot water heater will be replaced by a smaller, wall-mounted, on-demand system, and that area will become the new laundry "closet", complete with a dog bathtub laundry tub.

Today, being a "warm", sunny, calm day, was the perfect day to do some cutting and pasting, so to speak!  We started by removing the window, then cutting the new space for the door.

The first cut is the deepest...
You measured first, right?
Ohhh, new dog door?

Dad then moved the door over to the new spot, and erected a temporary barrier.
Can I come out and play?
The view from outside, showing the old and new spots for the door.
And from the inside.  A bit more ventilation than I wanted, but it wasn't too cold :)

Dad then put up plywood and tar paper over the open spots, which hopefully will last a few more months until I get the whole house re-sided.

 And... done!

 Dad will be back tomorrow, to insulate and that will be it for renos this year!

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