$500 Challenge - April Edition

Not too exciting, but I bought some glass canisters - not really as a replacement for anything, since I have never really had canisters before :)

I do keep my coffee beans in a stainless steel container, and my sugar in a pottery sugar bowl, but everything else is simply stored in larger container in the cupboards - mainly because I have lived in places that have been deficient in counter space!

Not that this current kitchen is any better (and, in fact, is the WORST kitchen I have ever had), but it will get better!  Of course, during that process, a lot of my stuff is going to be in boxes for extended periods, so I thought canisters would be a good idea, both during the renovations (allows me to keep small amounts out while storing the larger containers), and for after as well, since I will have more counter space - although I might end up keeping these in a cupboard anyhow, since I tend to like clear counters, and they are glass after all - not the best idea for long-term storage in sunlight.

Anyhow, 3 glass Anchor-Hocking containers with screw-on lids, for the exciting, on-sale price of $10.00, plus tax :) 

Of course, this is nowhere near my total storage requirements, and to tell the truth, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.  I have a LOT of Tupperware containers for bulk dry goods, which I really do like - they are easy to get into, have large openings to scoop out of, keep items dry and bug-less (at least so far), and so they aren't on my priority list for replacement.  I did get rid of all my small plastic containers I used for storage of leftovers, etc. in the fridge, but the larger ones will stay around for now, at least until I hit on a better solution that is in my budget. 

3 glass canisters: $10.00 + $1.30 tax 
Total: $11.30
Balance: $201.48

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