$500 Challenge - September edition (and yes, I do know it's October)

Oops!  Late, again.  I didn't forget about he challenge this month, I just forgot to blog about it!

Maybe because I cheated a little.

Or a lot.

Or, since it's my challenge and I get to make the rules, not at all ;)

You see, this month, I spent.... nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.

But, what about the challenge?

Oh, I still got something.  These, to be exact:

Both quart and pint canning jars, about 24 of each.  Free!  And while these are canning jars, of course, I also use them a LOT for storage.  For dried foods, for bulk purchases like grains and bean and other legumes, for storing soup, stock and sauces both in the fridge and freezer - I can always use more jars.

So, this month's "purchase" does fit the challenge... sort of :)

Where did they come from?  An old friend of my Mom's mentioned she was cleaning out her house, and was getting rid of a lot of stuff, including these jars.  Boxes and boxes of jars.   Mom jumped at the chance to take them, and gave the excess to me - thanks Mom!!  And there are still more, if I need them!

September costs (jars): $0.00
Balance: $78.04

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