Messin' with Texas, Day 4

My fourth day in Texas saw us venturing into the countryside, to see some of the wildlife. 

What?  Zebras aren't indigenous to Texas?  Really?

Okay, fine, we were at a safari park, specifically the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center :)

The center has many different types of antelope-type animals, but I'm going to be cruel, and let you try to figure out which is which...

As different as they may be, every animal in the park had one thing in common: they know where their food comes from.  This was the most common view of the animals:

Dude, personal space!! 

Zebras:  the thugs of the animal world.

Antlers come in handy - for keeping the beasts out of the car!  Otherwise, this one would have been sitting in Mr. PB's lap, I think. 

Giraffes have the aerial surprise attack down pat:

Side note:  hand-feeding giraffes?  Coolest thing EVER. 

Look up, waaaay up... (only Canadians of a certain age will know where that quote comes from!)

The park is HUGE, and we were there for at least 3 hours.  If you ever go, there are a few things you have to know:

1. The animals WILL drool down the inside of your car door, so have some sort of wipe handy.  And the bigger the beast, the more copious the drool. 
2. If you point and laugh at your companion getting almost tongue-mauled by an overly-friendly beast, this is only a diversion for the beast's partner in crime, who will be waiting for you to turn around and realize it's totally in your face.  Right, Mr. PB? 
3. The beasts know that every car has a driver, and will preferentially go to the left side of the car.  So pick your driver carefully.  Right, Mr. PB?
4. They all have REALLY long tongues.  Freakish long.  And they know how to use them...

After driving through the park, and laughing so hard my stomach hurt, it was time for the drive home, stopping for a small ice cream treat.  Then, that evening, it was time for TexMex!  Some great food - including three different types of salsa (very good!), a cheesy nacho dip (wow!) and a Texas-sized chimichanga.  The best part?  A frozen margarita-sangria combo - also Texas sized!

After all that food and alcohol, it was time for home and bed :)

The End...

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