It's official: Katy is a freak

I really shouldn't be so mean to the poor, wee dog, but...

Katy had her annual vet check this week, and everything is great. I realized we had never done a blood panel* on her, so gave the vet the okay to run one. Katy was a champ getting the blood work done - even to the extent of shrugging her shoulder to increase the flow of blood :)

All her numbers came back fine, except for two liver tests - one is a couple of points higher than normal, one is a couple of points lower.  The vet called herself to explain the numbers, and that she had absolutely no concern about the out-of-range values - the worry starts when the values are5 to 10 *times* normal, not just a couple of points. 

(Have I mentioned that I love our vet?  The fact that she made a point of calling, and explaining everything is wonderful.  And the entire clinic treats both dogs SO well!)

While there, I pointed out two bumps that Katy developed recently - one on her ear, and one on her upper lip, right by her nose.

The vet doesn't think the one on the ear is anything to worry about - probably just a cyst, so it's officially a wait-and-watch item. No prob.

The other one had a very small "thing" coming out of it, so the vet grabbed some tweezers, and pulled...

... and a clump of thick, black, 1/2 inch long hair came out!

The vet said in 17 years of small animal practise, she has NEVER seen anything like that. Ever.

So, it's official.

Katy is a freak!

I'm not a freak, and I'll lay here and pout until you take it back.

*The vet recommended the geriatric panel. Shhhhhh, don't tell Katy! Kip had his panel done before he was neutered, so now both dogs have a baseline blood panel done - a good thing, if they ever get really sick, as it gives the vet a "healthy" reference point. If you don't have one on your dogs/cats, please ask your vet about it next time you go in! IMO, the cost is worth the information and peace of mind. 


  1. You've gotta love canine freaks.

  2. Yep! And my wallet is glad her freakishness is of the cheap variety :)



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