Well hello there!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I haven't been around for a while - and I have no reason, other than I simply haven't felt like blogging. Hopefully, that has changed and I'll post a bit more often (more often than once in 3 months??).

I have some garden updates to share, and some progress on the house.

But I also think I may be posting about some more serious topics. I've gone back and forth on that, trying to keep this blog fairly light and fun, without any potentially contentious topics. However, a few things have happened in the past few months, and I realized I'm tired of being the "nice" person and staying quiet on topics that are important to me.

Don't worry, I'm not planning on turning this blog into a personal diatribe on all things I don't like. I'll still post about the garden, and the house, and the dogs, and about soup. And bacon. But I'll also post about science and religion and politics.

So, while this space may be changing a bit, I hope you all stick around for the ride!

And I'll post again soon. Promise!!

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