Kitchen plans

I saw this ad, and really like the look of the kitchen. So this is what I'm working towards, in terms of the cabinets and counter top. But with a different colour on the walls. And white appliances. And a dark tile floor. And no "island". But other than that, exactly the same ;-)

I had an interesting conversation with a friend a couple of days ago, about how to start designing and decorating a room from scratch. We realized we go about it completely different ways - I need to have a picture in my head (like this kitchen), and then I can make decisions based on that picture. She looks for accessories she likes, and then decorates around them. For whatever reason, this does not work for me!

I also want my house to have a particular feel to it, and I want the decorating to fit the age and style of the house, with out being too "themey". So I think the direction I'm going is "cottage" - but not too cottage.

Sigh. I'm much better with power tools than paint chips.


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