Aw, that's snow fun!

Here's Kip having fun in the snow - the silly boy leaps like a gazelle when it's too deep for him!

Which reminds me of another snow story.

Kip will be two in February, so this is really only his second winter. Last winter we got a bit of snow (and lots of really cold weather), but Saskatoon never gets the snowfall we do here. So this is really Kip's first winter dealing with a lot of snow.

A couple of weeks ago, it snowed. And Mr. Potato Brain decided the snow was too deep in the backyard for potty time, so I took him for a walk. It was around 8 pm, still snowing, and the roads were terrible - thus there were no cars around. Being the responsible pet owner that I am, I let Kip off leash while walking down the unplowed side street. After a few steps, I realized Kip had stopped, and was whining at me.

I am a hard-hearted woman.

I ignored him, and kept walking.

After a few more steps, I looked again.

The wee genius decided to dog my footsteps - he was stttrreeettcchhiinnggg out, placing his feet into my footsteps, all so he wouldn't have to plow through the snow himself, silly boy.

Did I mention I was hard-hearted?

As I continued walking, I meandered from one side of the street to the other, just to see if Kip would continue to follow - and he did.

I love smart dogs!

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