P is for propaganda

Why I hate PETA.

I have a theory about any large non-profit organization, from unions to charities to PETA. At some point, they become more about the promotion and continuation of the organization than about the causes they espouse or the people/animals they are supposed to help.

I give the origins of PETA, and the majority of it's supporters, the benefit of the doubt. Their hearts are in the right place. (And I'll forbear to discuss why I despise that statement, except to say I wish their BRAINS were in the right place instead).

So, why do I hate PETA? I could discuss certain statements their leaders have made, and how I disagree with them. I could talk about the idiocy of their protests, and how equating dog breeding with the KKK or Hitler is the lowest or the low, and completely diminishes the suffering of the humans that were subject to such cruelty (and I could note that those protesting have never suffered anything close to genocide or slavery, and co-opting those issues in an attempt to legitimize their own issues should give them entre into the lowest levels of hell). I could find a PETA supporter, and go through their house and life, pointing out where they themselves are benefiting from the "abuse" of animals:

- the medications they take were most likely first tested on animals.
- any old books or furniture they own mostly likely made use of hide glues or horse-hair.
- the vegan diet they eat, and the cotton/hemp/linen clothing they wear, depends on vast acres of mono-culture that, even if grown organically, reduces wild-life habitat. If they truly cared that much, they should subsist on a gatherer lifestyle only. And go naked.

However, there is one main reason that, for me, completely puts PETA into the realm of noisy whackjobs for me.

They use propaganda to make their point.

I cannot adequately explain the depth of my abhorrence for propaganda. Even if it's for a cause I believe in and support, I don't agree with it's use. Any organization that uses propaganda is really making two points:

1. People are too stupid to understand the issue
2. Our argument is too weak to rely on facts

And that's what PETA is saying every time they speak on an issue.

Some purebred dogs have health issues. Yep. I completely agree. But let's not discuss genetics, gene frequency, the role of the breed clubs, kennel clubs, and breeders; let's not try to educate people on what to look for in a good breeder, and why breeding stock should be tested for genetic issues; let's not explain to people the myth of "hybrid" vigour when it comes to dog breeds. No. Let's assume the people are too stupid to understand any of that, and let's admit it takes too long to adequately explain the issue and let the people make up their own mind. And let's simply equate dog breeding to the KKK, dress up in robes and protest outside Westminster. Because that makes the newscasts, gets our name out there, and will make us money.

Let's re-name fish as "Sea Kittens", and try to brainwash children into thinking their parents are the scum of the earth, instead of teaching children about sustainable food production.

Let's make misleading statements about meat and milk production, and use newspaper articles as "primary" sources.

Let's use outrageous propaganda to increase awareness of our organization, because it's actually not about the animals anymore.

And let's assume humans are too stupid to understand the facts, the many sides of the arguments, and should never be allowed to think and make up their own minds, Because that may reduce the amount of money we make.

P is for propaganda.

And it disgusts me.


  1. The best logically dismantling of PETA belief system that I've read is from the old blog Animal Crackers. It's not updated anymore, but he really shows the plain insanity and hypocrisy of the entire AR line of thought.

  2. Great link- thanks! Too bad they aren't keeping it updated :(



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