My immune system goes all the way to 11

"Dog Vomit" slime mold

There is yet another washed-up actress trying desperately to promote herself by jumping on the "I'm not a doctor, and I didn't even play one on TV" bandwagon. 

First we have Jenny McCarthy on autism*.  Now, it's Susanne Somers on cancer (I think - her "interview" on Larry King Live was a bit.... asinine idiotic laughable vague).

I'm not against alternative medicines, homeopathy, "natural" remedies, etc.  But I am against medical "miracles" that cannot be proven - especially when people are making money off of them. 

This site mentions that what she may have had was a fungal infection - one that generally only affects people with a compromised immune system.

One wonders if she sees the irony in that??

* Please note - I am in no way denying the severity of issues like autism, just mocking the face time "famous" people get who have NO idea what the hell they are talking about, and the people who for some reason look to these "stars" for information...

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