This is why

Even though I work in Niagara Falls, I live in Fort Erie. People are always asking me why, since the current 20 minute commute will become much longer once winter hits - and there will most likely be some days when I won't make it into work at all due to road closures.

There are, of course, many reasons I chose to buy a house where I did (the main one being I did not want to live in the Falls - it's changed too much since I last lived there, almost 20 years ago). But here is the main reason I bought the house I did - all of these were taken on one of our daily walks, only minutes away from home.

There is nowhere in the Falls that I could let Kip off-leash*, for almost the entire walk, and in an area that gives him so much fun.

* yes, it is against city by-laws to both have a dog off-leash and on the beach. It's October - there is no one else on the beach, and very few other people even walking in the area. I pay attention, and call Kip to me if there is someone else walking, and I always have his leash (and his tags - note he's not wearing a collar) with me. If I ever get caught, so be it :)

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