Just because I'm not busy enough...



This is "The dog formerly known as Dotty", adopted last night from Toronto Animal Services (yes, I drove to Toronto to get a dog.  It's less than 1/2 the distance I drove to get Kip.  This is what Crazy Dog Ladies do).  No new name yet... I'm terrible at naming, and we might just keep "Dotty" - we'll wait and see what feels right.  She and Kip are getting along great - playing, playing and more playing.  Last night went great and so far today, things are good.  We just had a romp in the snow, and will go for a walk a bit later, once I'm fully caffeinated.

Oh yeah.  Also got the mortgage this week!!  So let the renos begin...


  1. They look like a wonderful pair together!

  2. Thanks Fred! I took her to the vet today - other than her weight, she's in perfect condition. And she is such a sweetheart!!



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