We went to the vets yesterday, just for a quick looksee.  Little no-name did fantastic - she really does have the sweetest temperament!  The vet said other than her weight, she's in perfect condition - good eyes, ears, heart, lungs and patellas.  And everyone at the vets was loving on her, and could not believe she was a stray that no one claimed.

I find that odd too.  She is very well behaved - house-trained, great with people and other dogs, sweetsweetsweet, playful.  Twice now, people have come to the door (mail and newspaper).  No barking at all.  In fact, I didn't realize the mailman delivered a package yesterday until I opened the door to go to the vets and tripped over it (ahem, canines in my life?  A *little* barking is not a bad thing, kthanx).  She apparently doesn't know any "obedience" commands, or at least the words for them, but has already learned to sit while getting her leash on.  She is a total sweetheart - I know I keep repeating this, but I can't convey how fantastic she is.

This morning though, she broke my heart.  Kip was outside, so she and I were playing inside.  I called her to me, and raised my arms (not thinking, since this is something I do with Kip all the time), and she stopped on a dime, dropped, and rolled over, showing me her belly. 


I keep trying to figure out what her story is.  Sweetest little dog, but somewhat afraid (abused?  Inappropriate discipline?  Just a soft temperament??).  Very well trained in some areas, not at all in others.  Over-fed, but found as a matted stray.

Owner death?  Family moved and lost her?  New living arrangements that made her expendable?  I try not to judge others, and if she was surrendered to TAS, I wouldn't be.  But to have come in as a stray - her, and hundreds of others like her - that I don't get.  Even here, in little Fort Erie, dogs are found as strays (most with collars on, but no tags), and no one claims them.

That I find unforgivable.

If you don't want/can't keep your dog anymore, don't just let it go.  It is still your responsibility to arrange for proper care, which means taking it to a shelter, rescue or pound.  Yeah, it might hurt your pride/cause you to feel ashamed/make you sad/whatever, but I don't give a fuck.  It's not about you - it's about the dog who has no choice in the matter.

To little no-name's previous owners, and others like them - while I thank you for the opportunity to have a fantastic little dog (spayed and microchipped, all for the grand total of $140 and change, thank you TAS!), a happy ending doesn't excuse your irresponsibility.  Not at all.

And since I can't help myself, here are some more pics - happy dogs!

  I kill the fox

Sharing schnauzer secrets
Tired happy dogs

I forgot to give a hat tip to Fred's blog yesterday, which is the only reason I have such a great little dog now.  If you are looking for a dog, anywhere near Toronto, have a look at One Bark at a Time - and make sure you read "Stuck", but don't have any fluids in your mouth while you do.  Fred won't reimburse you for any ruined computer parts :)

Original "Dotty" pictures here and here

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