I should have planted rice.

We've had over 4" of rain in the last two days alone, plus 0.5 - 2" every day for the week before that.

Lots of water around.. a bit to much in some areas!

The garden is coming along though - even if I did plant late this year.

In other news...

We have walls!!

This is the wall between the new bathroom and walk-in closet.  Dad's talking about drywall, so I think things are progressing well :)

 My oldest nephew is staying with me for a while, and he comes in handy at times... until the axe breaks, that is.

I also got the trellises installed today (finally!!) in the squash, cucumber and tomato beds. Taking a page from "All New Square Foot Gardening", I made the frames from electrical conduit placed over 2' rebar (which I hammered ~ 12" into the ground - the original ground, NOT the soil added to the beds), with plastic mesh (from Stokes) held on with cable ties.  We'll see how they hold up once the plants start climbing - I have my doubts about the squash bed. 

A close-up of the corners.  The actual corners that go with the conduit were SEVEN DOLLARS each.  I found these plastic elbows for 1/10th the price.  There were barbs on them, which I took off with the help of Dad's grinder, to allow them to fit in the conduit.  They may not last as long as the galvanized ones, but at the price, I can replace them every year for the next decade before I'm losing money on them!

Now, if we could only get some sun...

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