To do, or not to do.

What I've done since last I blogged:

Had out-of-town company for the weekend.

Started the insulation.

Fenced in the garden.  Damn rabbits.

Bought some pretty* plants, even though I said I wouldn't this year.

Mowed the lawn in between rain storms.  Yes it's still raining.  I think I might need to plant gopher wood next.

What I haven't done:

Groomed the two scruffy beasts who were once schnauzers.

Planted more lettuce, radish, etc.  Between working later, rain and company, I didn't get this week's planting done.  No lettuce for you!

Planted the pretty plants.  In the flower beds that don't exist yet.

Figured out where I want flower beds so I can plant the pretty plants.

Called for quotes for fencing.  Need to get this done ASAP.  Damn rabbits.

Called for roofing quotes.  Have I mentioned the roof now leaks?  Damn rain.

Planned out the one wall of the main bedroom, so Dad know where to put outlets.  Decisions, decisions.

Finalized the shower, toilet and sink models for the new bathroom, so Dad know where to put outlets and plumbing.  Decisions, decisions.

Figured out who's sleeping where once we get the drywall up in the new main bedroom, closet and bathroom.  Decisions, decisions (yeah, I know there is only the two of us, but still).

Posted real posts, about what I saw last weekend (hint: it involved red coats and gun fire), about the renos, about the garden.  

Posted about why I will never, never, never shop at Home Depot again.  Ever.

A million and one other things, like laundry, and dishes, and cooking, and grocery shopping, and cleaning, and and and and and and and and.....

It all gets done, eventually.  But it seems like days are flying by, and there are so many things to do!


* Pretty = non-food plants

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  1. Hope things are going well. Looking forward to an update when you're ready to do one.



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