My personal signs of spring.

Even though the yard is still snow covered (BLECH!  A pox on late springs!!), it is actually spring.  Here is how I know (aka, I don't need no stinkin' robins to tell me it's spring!)

1. The turkey vultures come back.
2. The red-tailed hawks start what I assume are mating flights, as this is the only time of the year I see them soaring around in pairs.
3. The mourning doves start cooing to each other.
4. The red-winged blackbirds come back.  I wonder if they will try to nest in the yard again this year?
5. The cardinals sing their distinctive song, after having remained silent all winter.

And the best indicator of spring... Cadbury's Easter Creme Eggs.  Yes, I know, but I cannot resist them!

I should be welcoming this late spring, as it gives me more time to work on the house before the yard word starts, but still - I am so tired of winter already!  And surprise, surprise, I'm sick AGAIN - laryngitis this time.  I haven't been able to speak normally since last Thursday, and since this Thursday, I have literally no voice above a whisper.  The doc put me on antibiotics, and if it hasn't gotten better by early next week, off to a specialist I go :(

1 comment:

  1. laryngitis--ouch! hope you're soon on the mend and enjoying a spring without snow!



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