Please excuse my inner geek.

So, I'm not saying this is like me AT ALL, or anything, but some might remember the day I found the slime mold on one of my petri plates, and got way too excited...

Source:  The funniest comic on the web Click to embiggen.


is it a bad thing that slime molds are among my favourite things??  The structures they produce while spoulating are absolutely stunning - in a microscopic sort of way.  And yes, it is actually called dog vomit slime mold :)


  1. I love that comic! And I share your utter fascination with slime molds. I teach middle school science and every time we watch a video with slime molds in it, which I try to slip in often, I shriek with delight and most of my students shriek with disgust!!! The tide will turn....

  2. It is a fantastic comic! And how cool that you teach about slime molds that young - I only encountered them in university!



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