And so it begins....

Garden goodness
This was the harvest from the other day: potatoes, okra, zuchinni zuchhini zucchini (my second of the year - woot! Sigh), carrots, tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes. Not pictured: the two large bowls of tomatoes already waiting for me.

Also not in the basket - the monster Federle tomato, which finally ripened:

It's huge!

With Kiphead for scale
I'll make another large batch of soup, and I'll grill some to add to the previously grilled jalapeno peppers (I have an idea for a smokey salsa thingy - no recipe yet, but I hope it works), and I'll make a batch of roasted tomato sauce - yum! And then, the real canning will start!

Good thing I know what to do with any tomatoes that are left over...

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