House peeves

I have lived in this house for 99 days, and these are the things that have driven me nuts every one of those 99 days.

1. Little to no insulation. I realize the house is 80 years old. But it has been renovated at least twice in those 80 years. Did no one consider insulating it?
2. Not enough electrical outlets. Ditto the renovation remarks - the electricity has been updated, so why not add more outlets while you're at it??
3. Electrical outlets that don't work. I must try to fix that one of these days - if I remember where my circuit tester is...
4. Walls that hurt when you brush up against them. Walls should not hurt - so please never stucco the inside of your house.
5. Did I mention the no insulation? It's been a cold winter.
6. Ceiling fans - I hate ceiling fans.
7. The fact that all the bedrooms have ceiling fans...
8. ...but no wall switches to turn on the ceiling fan lights.
9. Mini blinds - I hate mini-blinds.
10. Especially broken mini-blinds.
11. Or mini-blinds that don't work properly.
12. The laminate floor in the bathroom.
13. And the fact that the floor is swelling due to the moisture.
14. Which is why you never put laminate in a bathroom.
15. The parquet floor in the kitchen, part of which was ruined at one time, and very poorly repaired.
16. The fact that a poorly repaired parquet floor has many loose wood pieces...
17. ...that are considered doggy chew toys.
18. Did I mention it's cold??
19. And that my gas bill for this winter is going to be insanely high?
20. Even though I keep the thermostat set at 65 F most days?
21. And 55 F at night?
22. Not counting those days when the furnace couldn't keep the house at 65 F.
23. The kitchen light switch is at the back of the room, so you have to walk through the dark kitchen to turn it on.
24. The horrible green carpet that is installed throughout the house.
25. The horrible carpet that really smells.
26. And that I'm afraid to clean, since it might just disintegrate.
27. The fire hazard I've created with the many, many extension cords running everywhere.
28. The fact that it's been so cold, but I still have mosquitoes in the house, thanks to the small lake I have in the crawl space.
29. The fact that I have to heat the crawl space to keep the pipes from freezing.
30. The fact that the heated crawl space supports an entire ecosystem apparently - mosquitoes, mice...
31. The fact that the front porch has a ramp instead of stairs. I'm not sure why that bugs me, but it does.
32. The fact that so many things were installed/fixed/upgraded poorly or just wrong - I don't mind doing things, but I hate doing thing over because someone else couldn't be bothered to do it right in the first place.
33. And the fact that it is going to take a LOT of work to get it all fixed...

...but I still think it's worth it!

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