Tornados, fridges and a father's work ethic

You can tell a lot about the integrity of a person by how well they paint behind their fridge.

This piece of wisdom first popped into my mind sometime late on Easter weekend, 2006.

I had recently bought a townhouse, and decided to take advantage of the 4-day Easter weekend to paint the bathroom and kitchen. 2 rooms, 4 days - no problem, right?

Like most things when it comes to home renovations, it took longer, and cost more than I had anticipated. Things came up - like the trip to the Home Despot to but a step ladder - just so I could paint that corner of the kitchen over the cabinets above the fridge. And the fact that the bathroom took 5 coats (Note: DO NOT listen to the clerk at the paint store that says you do not need tinted primer when painting red).

Things came up. It took a long time. I was tired. It was late at night, and I was on the 2nd coat of the kitchen, when I came to the fridge. Not a hard thing to move. But, I was tired. And there was already one really good coat of paint behind the fridge. It would be so much easier to skip it. And really, who would know?

I would know.

Every time I looked at the fridge, I would know. This is one lesson my father instilled in me, even if he doesn't realize it (Gee, thanks, Dad!).

If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right.

If you don't have time to do it right, you won't have time to do it over.

I don't recall my father ever uttering those words. He taught more by showing and doing, than speaking. Which explains the treehouse he built for my sister's children - every angle square, every inch measured, every thing right - because he would know. It explains many things that my dad has done over the years. And, it has lodged in me, apparently. Since the wall behind the fridge got that second coat of paint.

So, what does all this have to do with this house, and with tornadoes??

There was a bad storm this past week, that spawned tornadoes in Oklahoma, and killed at least 8 people. That same storm hit here, resulting in high winds only, thankfully.

The house was fine - except for one piece of siding that half blew off the front porch wall. Because it had never been nailed on. Simply clipped into the piece below and the thin topmost strip.

Not a big deal. Easily fixed. The roof didn't leak. No windows were broken. No one was killed.

But I'm annoyed. I HATE fixing things that others couldn't be bothered to do right in the first place. I don't mind doing things. I don't mind fixing things that have broken, worn out, etc. But to fix something, redo something, repair something, simply because of someone else's lack of work ethic, annoys me.

And it seems to be epidemic. From the mechanic who didn't put the plug back in the oil pan in my car, to the pizza maker that forgot the mushrooms; from the shoe store clerk that couldn't be bothered to call the other location to see if they had those boots in my size, to the cable company that can't be bothered to show up on time, or even call to say they are running late.

It's everywhere. And it annoys me. And there is nothing I can do about it.

Except always paint well behind my fridge.

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