Dead bodies and other odd things found in the attic

Dog bed

Shoe laces...

...which actually come in handy!

Remnants of shiny silver flexible metal-y stuff, held in place by upholstery tacks (and yes, I am completely trying not to come up with uses for shiny silver "metal" and shoe laces in an attic.  Maybe a dog house and leash for the attic canine??)

Dead bodies*

Doc Ock's winter coat

*Okay, okay, it wasn't really a dead body, just my brother, who we stuck in the attic with the fantastic job of getting rid of all the blown-in insulation.  After two days of that (and the job only 1/2 done), he only wishes he were dead.  Thanks, D!


  1. Your title scared and amused me. I slid back the board covering my attic earlier today and was totally paranoid of what manner of things would come falling down on me. Luckily there were no dead bodies, or other odd things.

  2. Attics always are interesting places :)

    And I couldn't resist the "dead body" joke, given that picture of my poor brother!



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