I think we have a winner...

After lots of measuring, talking, drawing, then measuring, talking and drawing, followed by some measuring, talking and drawing, I think we've come up with a plan for the bedrooms.

It came down to two things - the need for a cross wall towards the front of the house for some additional structual support*, and the fact I refuse to sleep in a single bed :)

My queen-sized bed really was causing some issues, mainly because I don't like beds under windows, or right up against walls.  And try as we might, we could NOT figure out a way to get a 3-piece bath into the area by the window, and also have enough room for the bed near the front window.  But by placing the bathroom in the front part of them smallest room, I get a decent sized bathroom (even if it doesn't have a window), and a walk-in closet!!  In addition to two decent sized bedrooms.  

Storage.  LOTS of storage.  Something many old houses lack.  I'm giddy with the thought of a walk-in closet.  And bookcases.  

So yeah, we have a solution.
I think.. :)
* the ceilings in the two front rooms were sagging a bit, due to some interesting attic shenanigans, mostly the result of some unsupported beams.  A cross wall, even though it doesn't go all the way across, will help support those beams.

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