Lazy Friday with Niagara Tree Service

Remember way back when, I was talking about the trees in the back yard?  Well, guess what?

We had some visitors today - with a BIG truck.

"Does this truck make my house look small?"

They came early in the morning, and went right to work




Let's try this again... "Tim...."


And done.  Lather, rinse, and repeat a few dozen more times.

We went inside at this point, much to the relief of the crew, I'm sure, who must love customers who stand around watching.  And drinking coffee.  And taking pictures.

A few hours later, the living room looked like this...

... and the backyard like this.

And this. 
Fewer trees, more firewood.  Win-win :)

And just in case the front yard was feeling neglected...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I cut down the wee tree too.  It was also an ash.  Planted WAY too close to the house.  Think of the size of the trees in the back, and put that in the front where the wee tree was - notice that the house is in the way?  Seriously people, when you are planting trees, think ahead - YEARS ahead - and choose your site well.  Your house's future owners will thanks you :)

So, that was my not-so-lazy Friday.  And I can't say enough about my tree cutters, Niagara Tree Service.  Great people, reasonable prices, showed up on time, worked like dogs...

...hrmmm, worked very hard, cleaned up the yard.. GREAT service.  If anyone in the Niagara area needs trees removed, I highly recommend them - and no, I didn't receive anything in compensation for this plug - just incredibly happy with Brian and his crew.  And I like rewarding good service with word-of-mouth!


  1. Wow! You aren't slowing down with the renos inside and out. Did they remove the stumps too?

  2. If I slow down, I'm afraid I'll stop and never start again :)

    They left the stumps at my request. They are right in the middle of the yard right now, but will eventually be part of a flower garden that will border the as-of-yet non-existent patio at the back of the house. Leaving them in saved me some money, and will provide some height and interest in the garden - or at least, that's the plan!



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