CSA Basket 3 of 10

Hey!  At last, a picture of my CSA haul*! 

This week, we got kale and chard, a large bag of mixed greens, green onions, 2 HUGE bulbs of garlic, oregano, shell peas, cherries (YUM!) and the oddity of the week - radish pods!

The farm included a sheet on the pods, with different uses, preparation methods, storage and health benefits.  Makes me wish I didn't just pull up all my bolting radishes :(

One preparation method is pickling, so I think that's what I'll do.  The peas, garlic (well, some of it) and the oregano might star in a pasta dish (I'm debating using the peas for this - might do another curry for work lunches,  since I still have some potatoes kicking around that I want to use up before my own start producing), the chard and kale made it into my breakfast egg dish yesterday, the greens and onions will be used in salads, of course (still loving the chive vinegar!), and the cherries... well, let's just say they aren't long for this world :)

I also picked up a 4 quart basket of cherries yesterday (from a local fruit stand) that have an appointment with  Mr. Dehydrator.  Busy weekend, as always!

* I don't know what happened in the picture, but the peas are MUCH better looking in person!

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