CSA Basket 4 of 10

Ooooh, two photos in a row!  I'm on a roll :)

This week, we got more garlic (yeah!!), green onions, new potatoes, cucumbers, a zuchinni zucchinni zucchini, carrots, green tomatoes, plums and, best of all, the first sweet corn of the year!!!

The tomatoes came with a recipe for fried green tomatoes, so that is what they are destined for, the cuckes have a date with some vinegar and salt, the taters and carrots, along with some beets from my garden, are probably going in a baked veggie dish, the zuchinni zucchinni zucchini and green onions might end up as fritters, and the corn?


You have to ask?

The corn is the ONLY reason I will boil a pot of water in this heat!


  1. Care to post that recipe for fried green tomatoes? We seem to have ma few of those around here...

  2. Will do JJ, right after I make them :)



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