I heart Freecycle!

It doesn't look like much, but this is actually around 70 98 (I counted while taking them out of the poor car) free bricks I can use for landscaping.  I can go back later in the week to get a few more, and some rocks the original homeowners want to get rid of as well.  The car was a bit loaded down at this point, so I decided to make more than one trip :)

There are 2 more large gardens the homeowners want to get rid of (complete with edging bricks), so those will be up for grabs as well, eventually.  Hell, given the wife has two small children and is expecting the third, soon, I might just offer to dig them out for her - once this heat breaks!  It took more than 45 minutes to load the car (really - these suckers are HEAVY, and I had to cart them from their backyard to my car, parked on the road), and I was literally DRENCHED with sweat when I was done.  It. Is. Hot.

But back to Freecycle.  You all know about Freecycle, right?  The site where people post unwanted items, for free, or post wanted items, to see if anyone has it to give away.  Did you note that this is all free?  As in no cost?  Gratis?  Free?

But the "free" isn't the best part of Freecycle.  The best part?  Keeping perfectly good items out of the landfill, and giving them to people who can actually use them.  Getting rid of your junk, and knowing someone else is finding it treasure.

Really - go sign up for your local one now.  They are all on yahoo groups (I think) - just google "Freecycle" plus the name of your city, and it should pop up.  I'll wait.  Go.  GO NOW!  Really.  Just do it.

Are you back?  Did you sign up?   Good!

In all seriousness, Freecycle has to be one of the BEST things on the web.  I joined the four local ones here about 2 years ago, and I admit - 99.9999% of the stuff posted is either stuff I'm not interested in, or stuff that is taken by the time I read about it (I get the daily digest, instead of individual posts, which means fewer e-mails, but more time lapsed between posts and my reading them, which means many things are already given away, but that's okay). 

To date, I've given away a lot of the extra flooring that was stored here when I bought the house (and no, I didn't want to keep it and try to re-use it - none of it was enough to do any one area, and I don't want either laminate or parquet anyhow), and I've received an "antique" dining room table plus six chairs - all solid wood, and while it needs to be refinished, it was free.  (And I'm thinking of getting it painted a glossy black, which I think will go really well with the almost-lime-green colour I'm painting the kitchen and dining room, but I haven't told anyone that yet, because people will think I'm nuts.  Maybe.  Still deciding on the black.  Pretty set on the green though.  Maybe.)


The bricks.  I'm telling you, these are heavy-duty bricks.  While I'm not the strongest person I know, I'm also not a 98-pound weakling, and I could only tote four of these at a time (partly because of the weight, partly because bricks are somewhat awkward to carry).   The lovely neighbour came out to help, once she saw what I was doing, and brought over a dolly to help.

We broke the dolly.  Sorry, lovely neighbour :(

So now, I have 98 bricks to use around the place.  Stay tuned for future projects.....

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