Bread & Butter Pickles

So, I said, more than once, that I wasn't going to do any canning this year.  Because, you know, lack of a kitchen* kinda gets in the way of actually working in the kitchen.

But then Liz went and posted this.  And it made me remember I really wanted bread & butter pickles

And then I went to pick up my CSA basket, and found out they had pickling cucumbers for sale.

Thus, for the first time ever, I made pickles

$7 worth of cucumbers, onions from the garden, some vinegar and spices... and I now have 10 pints of pickles for the coming year. 


*Technically, I still have a kitchen, but it consists of one sink, one stove, one fridge and one counter, 3 feet long.  Have I mentioned lately I'm tired of living in a reno site?


  1. Hee hee. You'll be glad you made them. They're sooo good.

  2. I've already cracked open a jar - they are GREAT! I'm so glad I changed my mind :)



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