CSA Basket 8 of 10

My horrible composition of Week 8's haul :)

I stopped at the farm after work to pick up this week's basket, and realized I had forgotten (yet again) the box.  As I had reusable shopping bags in the car, I used one of them instead - which means I had to take everything out of the bag and set them on the porch railing to take a photo. 

As you can see, I should have picked another spot!

Oh well.

This week's goodies include beans, tomatoes, a green pepper, an onion, potatoes, a squash (yea!), and the first of the apples and pears - SO good!

I think one of the reasons I love fall so much is because of apples and pears.  It sounds odd, I know, but that very first bite of a freshly picked Macintosh? 


I  think I could go for days eating nothing except apples and pears, but luckily enough, it's also the season for so many other goodies!

The tomatoes, onion and pepper will go into a pasta dish, the squash will probably join some of my carrots in a roasted veggie soup, the potatoes and beans will form part of my supper for the next few nights (along with some grilled steak), and the apples and pears will very quickly disappear :)

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