Saturday in the garden...

 Yes, that carrot is as big as my foot.  My size 8 foot.

 White and red onions, 4 varieties of taters and some carrots.   The onions I grew from sets bought at a local big box store, and should have come out weeks ago.  Since they didn't, I lost a few to rot, but it seems I still have more than enough :)  I plan on dehydrating them for use over the winter.  I planted just over 1/3 of a bed for each kind, and they grew quite well this year, unlike the garlic, which was in the rest of the bed :(

The potatoes came from seed potatoes bought at a local feed store.  They were selling four different varieties in bulk, for some insanely low price.  I bought a handful of each, which together cost less than $5.00 - much less.  I don't remember the final price, but it was CHEAP.  Compared to garden centres that were only selling 5 - 10 pound boxes, it was a good way to try growing potatoes for the first time.  I bought Chieftain (the red), Yukon Gold, Kennebec and Superior (white).  Then, with no malice aforethought, I simply plopped them in the ground - no trenching, no hilling, no nothing.

And from each 4 foot row, I got over a 3 quart basket of potatoes.  There are a lot of tiny ones, but quite a few good sized ones too.  There doesn't seem to be any big difference in variety, but I will cook a few of each to see if the taste varies.

And really, why didn't anyone tell me how FUN digging potatoes is?  Seriously, it's like an Easter egg hunt - just more dirty :)  I was almost giggling every time I found another batch of tubers.  Definitely going on my "grow" list for next year.  I harvested all those potatoes from 1/3 of a bed, with no special growing techniques, so now I'm interested in seeing what I can grow with more space and a bit more attention.

The carrots are from last year's seed - I only planted a couple of rows due to space issues, but they always grow good.  And BIG. 

The other harvest today was all the hot peppers.  My sweet peppers did NOTHING this year, but the hots did great!  I grew the cayennes in pots this year, and I'm quite happy with the results.  I'm seriously thinking of expanding what I grow in pots, which will give me more "ground" for other crops.  Like potatoes :)

The banana peppers will be pickled, along with some of the jalapenos.  I'm going to try grilling some as well, then popping in the freezer.  And the cayennes will be strung up and dried. 


  1. They are! And, even better, some are in the oven right now...



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