Independence Days Challenge - Week 9

1. Plant Something.

Peas and potatoes!

2. Harvest Something.

Nothing this week. Everything has been held back by the cold weather, but it is still early in the year... and things are starting to sprout!


3. Preserve Something.


4. Waste Not.

Again, just adding scraps to the stash.

5. Want Not.

I didn't add anything to the stash this week.

6. Eat the Food.

Not much from storage this week - granola or oats for breakfast, odds and ends for lunches and I made a potato, leek and blue cheese soup with biscuits for supper. I did use dried chives in the biscuits - yum!

7. Build Community Food Systems.

Nothing this week.

8. Skill Up.

Nothing this week.

Bulls-eye Challenge Report:

I mainly ate food that was already in the house (even perishables like milk and the leeks - I bought them last week, before the challenge started). For shopping this week:


Already! My locally sourced beef won't be available until fall, so I have the choice of either not eating beef until then, driving far, far away to find "organic" meat (which is not a guarantee of being humanely raised or local), or caving in and buying meat from the grocery store.

Yes, I'm a horrible person. Prime rib (Ontario? The slaughter house was in Ontario, but that doesn't mean the meat was. I'll use Canada for this one) was on sale, so I picked up two. I *am* getting better at sourcing humanely raised meat. Not there yet, but getting better :)

I also needed potatoes (Ontario) and ricotta cheese (Ontario) for something I'm working on, and celery for general cooking (USA - everywhere else). And while I was at the store, I got seduced by the half-price bread cart (Canada) and the fact that brie was on sale for half price (Canada).

These first few reports are going to be full of food that I either didn't grow myself or couldn't source locally, but I'm still reporting this, simply to be able to track my journey.

As for the budget:  (hahahhhahahaa!!)

Weekly budget: $10 for perishables, $10 for adding food to the stash.

$16.07 for perishables, but that includes the ricotta and potatoes, which are going to be used to make something that will go into the stash, so... hrmm. Let's say 25%/75% for this on those two - I'll eat 25% of the recipe this week, and 75% will get frozen, so...

$8.57 for perishables, and $7.50 for the ricotta and potatoes, plus the beef ($39.14  - I know, I know) for the stash.

This brings up an interesting point. I'm not sure this is the best way of doing this. Let's look at one beef roast - $19.30. If I roast it this week, and get four meals out of it, then use the scraps from the bones for another four meals of hash, and the remaining meat from the roast goes to a pot pie for another four meals and beef soup for yet another four meals, then the bones go into the stock pot....

I can't put the entire $19.30 under "perishables" for this week. But how do I divide it up? Same as the potatoes and ricotta.

So I think I'm going to change this already :) I think I'll stick to my $20 a week (on average), and maybe do a Local/Regional/National/Everywhere else division by price? So, for this week:

$55.21 (-35.21) total, 18% province, 78% national, 4% everywhere else.


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