Oh say, can you see?

I keep mentioning that I live really close to the border. But it's time to actually prove it :)

So here's proof - that picture was taken from my driveway. The water is Lake Erie, and the land on the other side is the USA.

See? I am that close! This explains some of the issues I have with the Bulls-eye diet!


  1. Wow you do live close! I grew up in Sarnia where we could easily see (and drive) across the river to Port Huron, Michigan.

    Is it beach at the end of the road?- that must be nice in the summer!

    1. There is no beach there, and no access - it's private property, and a rocky "beach". But, there is a great sandy beach two blocks to the right, and a great boardwalk that gets us there. I love this area!



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