How many hole saws does one person need?

After my fun with replacing the front door lock, I decided to wait until the next day to do the back door lock. That lock was a bit more challenging, as a new hole had to be cut for the deadbolt, and the corresponding bit chiseled out of the door jamb. Again, Dad said something about the attic, and disappeared.

I started with the handle part, and that went well. By that time, Dad's curiosity got the better of him (or he was tired of hearing me whine), and he agreed to drill out the section for the deadbolt in the door and the jamb. To drill out the jamb part, a 1" spade bit is required. Of course, I have a 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4. No 1". Off to the hardware store - thankfully, it's near by. While I was gone, Dad decides to start on the hole in the door. And we both have a hole saw attachment for the drill of the correct size - woohoo! Except, it's for wood. And the door is metal clad.

I come home from the hardware store to the smell of burnt wood. Using a wood drill bit on metal produces a lot of heat, apparently. And the inside of the door is wood. Dad looked at me and said nothing actually was set on fire...

Okay, the first hole saw cut through one side of the door, and through the center. But we still have to drill through the second metal sheet. And the first hole saw is dead. The teeth are completely worn down. So, let's use the second hole saw. And we proceed to wear the teeth down on that as well. Okay. Did I mention I'm really glad the hardware store is really close?

Home with the new $26.00 hole saw, and 2.533 seconds later, the hole is complete. And the new deadbolt covers all the scorch marks.

Moral of the story? ALWAYS use the right tool for the job. And make sure Dad knows were the fire extinguisher is kept.


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