How not to run a business

The crawl space really needs to be insulated. Now. Before the pipes freeze. Dad thinks spray foam is the way to go, and not just because it means I have to actually hire someone else to do it.

So, I call around to get quotes. Guy 1 takes my call, and immediately makes an appointment to come and see the space a few days later. Guy 2 - some female answers the phone and tells me Guy 2 will call me back. Okay. At almost 10 pm that night he does so. Here's the conversation:

Guy 2: Are you available during the day?

Me: Yes.

Guy 2: Oh. Are you available in the evening?

Me: Yes.

Guy 2: Oh. Well, I should be able to make it up there sometime this next week.

Me: Oh. Are you going to call first?

Guy 2: Well yeah, or else it would be a wasted trip.

Me: Okay.....

A few days later, he calls early in the morning to see if I'll be around. I say yes, so he says he's coming by.

Then he asks if I have a ladder.

I pause, then very politely ask him if he knows he's giving me a quote for insulating a crawl space.

"Guess I won't need the ladder then"

Ah, no.

The quotes are in. I'm going with Guy 1.


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