Like manna from heaven...

Of course, I had a home inspection before buying the place. And, it went better than expected. For an 80 year old house, that has been a rental property for the last few years, it's in good shape - and structurally sound.

The highlight of the inspection though, happened in the kitchen. You see, to make life easier, the last person who did renos put up a suspended ceiling in the kitchen, so that wires and pipes could be run across without actually opening a ceiling or wall (and yes, this will be changed).

So, there we are, in the kitchen - Mom, Dad, the inspector and me. The inspector climbs up the ladder, and moves one of the ceiling tiles to take a gander at what's up there. And something falls from the ceiling.....

An old VCR tape box.


With, um, *interesting* pictures all over it. Right in front of my mother.

After that, finding the old wasps nest up there was anti-climatic.


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