MacGyver is my hero

One of the first things you should do when you buy a new house is change the locks. As this was previously a rental house, it was very important to me to do so, as I have no idea how many keys are floating around out there. Fortunately, Mom and Dad just replaced some of their locks, so Dad installed their old ones for the first little while. But, I don't do shiny yellow brass, and I knew I would eventually want to replace them with something more "me". I found a set I really liked a few weeks ago, and decided to replace the old ones. Easy, right?

I started with the front door, as it already had the cutouts for the door latch itself and the separate deadbolt. Dad was fixing the attic at the time (he said something about getting it done before the snow came, and caved in the roof. I'm pretty sure he was exaggerating...), so I read the instructions, gathered my tools, and, with Kip supervising, started the job. The latch part is sloped, and the instructions make it clear to make sure you put it in the right way, so you can close the door when you leave. So, being the logical person I am, after installing this part, I decide to test it and make sure it works, before I put the door handles on.

So I stepped outside and pulled the door closed.


Effectively locking myself out.

There is a reason Kip is not named Lassie. I looked in at him through the door window, and told him Timmy was in the well, and to go get Grandpa.

Kip yawned and started licking his nether bits.

On to plan B...

Mom was due to stop by after work, and she had a key to the back door, since it was still her old lock set. I could wait. Except I had no idea when she was coming. And I was in my shirt sleeves. And it was cold.

Plan C...

Think. Think about how it works. One turns the handle, and the innards move. So if I can find something to move the innards... have I mentioned there are a lot of trees in the yard? After 15 minutes or so of searching, I find a stick that is small enough to fit, yet sturdy enough to push the part back. And viola, I'm in the house. Kip looked at me and yawned again.

New lock set - $203.39
Stick from the backyard - $0.00
Realizing that all those hours spent watching cheesy 80s TV weren't wasted after all - priceless


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