Gavin is my hero

I was thinking of a post, outlining what I want to do with the yard eventually - a nice patio, maybe a garage down the road, lots of flower beds, and the best - a large vegetable garden. I want rhubarb and asparagus, and lettuce and radishes and peppers and peas and beans and tomatoes, you HAVE to have tomatoes, and maybe corn, and strawberries, and I might have room for a raspberry patch and and and and and...

This goes along with something I have been thinking a lot about recently, and something I have been interested in for years - sustainability.

So, I was looking over other blogs, getting ideas about my eventual garden, and thinking about how great I was going to be for growing most of my own produce (at least for a few months every year).

Yeah me!

Then I stumbled on Gavin's blog.

Gavin makes his own cheese.

Makes. His. Own. Cheese.

In addition to having a hybrid car, a great garden, a rain barrel and solar panels. And chickens. And he does all this in a relatively small suburban house in Australia.

He makes his own cheese!!!!

And to add insult to injury, he even makes Wallace and Grommit references whilst writing entertaining blog entries about making said cheese.

Gavin really is my hero - he shows exactly what one person, one family, one community can do to make our world a better place.

So please, go drop in on his blog, have a look around, and tell him how inspiring he is.

I wonder what the town by-laws here have to say about chickens...

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