What day is it??

Yesterday was the last big day on the shed. The shingling was finished and the fascia was put up. (And taken down, and put up, and taken down...). I finally installed the door handle, and, after Dad drilled the holes, installed the dead bolt and chiseled the parts of the frame that needed it to install the plates for the handle and deadbolt. I rawk at chiseling now, if anyone needs any help.

We also made and installed the ramp. And then realized it didn't actually reach the ground. And yes, this is how most things go! But, we can keep our sense of humour, and find a lot to laugh at, which helps!

So later today, the cross ties will be put up, and the ramp fixed, then that's it!

Except organizing the inside, and painting the door, but that can wait.

The final costs all aren't in, but as an estimate, the shed, in total, will cost ~$1900, including tax.

Let's compare that to the Home Despot shed I was looking at, which was $900 plus tax ($1017 total).

That shed was 8x8, while this is 10x10 (which is an extra 36 square feet - a 50%+ increase compared to the 8x8 shed!!).

That shed didn't include the base (~$390) or roofing (~$225).

That shed wasn't sided, and needed to be painted (~$500 for siding, much less for paint, of course, but a painted shed needs much more maintenance).

I'm not sure if that kit included all nails and screws which I spent ~$175 on (some of that will be used in the house as well, but for the shed alone, the fasteners probably cost over $50).

And that shed was definitely not as well-made as this shed is.

So, the Home Despot shed would have cost in total, ~$1650 plus paint and whatever fasteners are required.

For less than $300 more, I got a better and bigger shed - completely thanks to Dad. Without him, NONE of this would have been possible!!

(and it's shed day 10, for those that are keeping track)

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