And on the seventh day...

We worked our arses off with little to show for it. Sigh.

On Thursday, I went to Mom and Dad's to help Dad swap 2 new windows for the old ones they were giving to me for the shed. And to cut the lawn (with the riding lawn mower - fun!!). Thus, no work was done on the shed.

Friday, Dad and I worked all day on the shed. And got nothing done. Or at least it seems that way.

It was all prep work for putting up the siding.

Stapling on tar paper (and figuring out the new electric staple gun. And unclogging the new electric staple gun. And ducking out of the way when Dad inadvertently pulled the trigger of the now unclogged new electric staple gun. New electric staple guns are FUN!)

Putting up the J-channel for the soffits (always remember children, measure twice and cut once. Or, do it our way, and measure once and cut thrice.)

Putting up corner posts.

Installing the door.

And for me, buying my very first lawn mower, and cutting the horribly over-grown lawn. I have to confess, I am a freak of nature - I love mowing grass. Really. And I like my new lawn mower - it's electric, and so no pollution (our electricity comes from Niagara Falls, so really very little pollution!) , no remembering to buy gas, no oil changes, etc. It isn't cordless, since, in my experience, every rechargeable battery eventually looses it's ability to hold a charge, and the replacement batteries are insanely expensive - if you can even find them any more (anyone want to buy a completely useless cordless drill? It'd make a dandy paperweight!)

All in all, a busy, long day - but no pictures, since nothing visible was done. Except the tar paper and door, so take the last picture of the shed, and imagine it black with a white door. There you go.

But yesterday - what a difference! We got both windows installed and the siding done on three sides. WOOHOO!

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, yes, the cap row still isn't done, and yes, that is a dead bolt instead of a door handle - an easy way to make the shed secure until we get around to cutting a second hole in the door (just hope we don't burn down the neighbourhood in the process)

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