Home Depot is a few shingles short of a bundle

Let me tell you the story of the shingles.

Go on, get a cup of your favourite beverage. I'll wait...


Okay, let's begin.

I bought shingles from Home Despot way back when, but didn't pick them up right away (once nice thing about HD - you can order and pay for a bunch of stuff, but take what you need, leaving the rest in the store until you need it). Those shingles were black, which is what I thought I wanted.

(Clarification - the house has relatively new siding and shingles - tan siding and brown shingles. However, neither was properly installed, and the siding has been torn up by stupid lawn mower usage, so they both will need to be replaced in a few years. So I am shingling and siding the shed in the colours the house will eventually be).

Of course, before we picked up the shingles, I changed my mind on the colour. So when we went to pick up the shingles on Sunday, I asked if I could get grey ones instead of black.

Problem one - they didn't have grey in the type of shingle I ordered.

Okay, take those shingles off the bill, and add grey ones.

Problem two - the only styles grey comes in are more expensive - $28+ dollars a bundle instead of $18+, and at 7 bundles, that's over $70 more expensive.

Okay, get me those anyways, since I really want grey, not black.

Problem three - they are in the back somewhere, and the guy can't get at them. But if we return on Tuesday, he'll have them out for us then.

Fine, we'll come back (keep in mind Home Despot is 30 minutes away, each way. So an extra trip is a big deal).

Fast forward to Tuesday. We make the drive, go in, and ask about the shingles.

Problem 4 - guy #1 isn't working, left no notes, and no one knows anything about any grey shingles.

Problem 5 - grey shingles are not a stock item. They are all special order. If I want to order some, they'll get them in, and we can make yet another trip to pick them up.


This is why I've re-named it Home Despot.

I decline their really nice offer (!), and drive back to town, and go to the local hardware store. The store where they know my parents by name. Where they actually have competent adults working.

Where I got the shingles I wanted, in the style I wanted, in the colour I wanted, for $21+ a bundle. And they even loaded them on the truck for us!

So, Tuesday was spent mostly running around.

On Wednesday however - the shed got shingles (except for the cap which we didn't get done)!!!

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