Independence Days and the May Two-four

(For those of you not familiar with this, have a gander at Sharon Astyk's blog here.)

I'm not "officially" doing this, as I'm a wee bit busy this year, but basically, the concept is to do something every day to help secure your food supply (and it actually includes eating your food - woot!).

But so far this year, I've managed to buy seeds, plan the garden (about 39476 times, and, of course, I keep changing it ), put in the raised beds and fill them with a mix of top soil and compost.

And yesterday, I PLANTED!

Rhubarb, asparagus and garlic.  Unfortunately, the rhubarb and asparagus aren't in the bed I want them in, as that bed doesn't exist yet, as it's going along the fence that isn't there yet.  But they'll get a start this year, and at the insanely low price I paid for them, even if they don't transplant, I've not lost much.  On the plus side, if they do survive the transplant, then I've gained a year on both. 

This weekend is the May 24 weekend.  For all you poor non-Canadians, it's pronounced "May Two-four", and is the official start of summer across the land.  It's the weekend where every Canadian worthy of the name is either planting their garden, or is stuck in north-bound traffic on the way to the cottage*.  Or both.  And for those that aren't doing either, they spend the weekend with a vague sense of unease, and have nightmares of green things and traffic :)

So, the weekend plans for me?

1. Plant what I can in the garden - it's been a cool spring, so I might still wait on the more tender plants like tomatoes (I did start the tomatoes, peppers and some squash a while ago).

2. Get the rain barrels set up.  This house has NO outside tap (incredible!), and carrying water from inside in a watering can is going to get old very soon, besides that fact I hate paying to water the garden.  I got two barrels (food safe plastic) from work for free a while ago, and just need to get some cinder blocks to make the base, connect them with some ABS pipe, insert the tap and fit the downspout into one of them.  A good weekend plan, and one I can hopefully finish before it rains on Saturday.

3. Go to the local Garden Club plant sale tomorrow morning, and not buy any plants :)  Actually, I might buy some veggies if they have them (which reminds me, I bought a lemon cucumber seedling at the last meeting.  Because I need another cucurbit to plant.  Really.)  And as a fund-raiser, one member has been collecting old garden tools and refurbishing them, so I want to take a look at those as well, since my garden tool collection is, um, almost non-existent.

4. Clean. The. House.  Ohmyohmyohmy, it's dirty.  Filthy.  I'm been putting it off, due to the renos (it gets dirty seconds after I clean, honest), but I have company coming in a couple of weeks, and those weeks are going to be busy, so, clean it is.  Ugh.   

5. And hopefully celebrate a good friend's ATCH on one of her dogs.  Go Kyra!!  Paws crossed for a successful weekend!

*I am aware that west of the Manitoba-Ontario border, you spend this weekend stuck in north-bound traffic on the way to the cabin.  While wearing your bunny-hugs.  And drinking Vi-Co.  While passing dugouts that have nothing to do with baseball.  But we like you anyways, even if you don't speak Canadian :)

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