What do you mean, the weekend's over! Didn't it just start??

Doesn't look like much, does it?

What was my plan again for this long weekend? 

1. Plant what I can in the garden.  Almost done.  Since the weather turned HOT, I did plant out the tomatoes and peppers, and planted the brassicas, herbs, mints and "salad" bed (lettuce, beets, spinach, chard, carrots and green onions - all the plants that don't really go in any other bed, which are all grouped by plant family.  'Cause that's how I roll) .  Hopefully, tomorrow after work, I'll get the squash/cucumber bed and the peas and beans planted.

2. Get the rain barrels set up.  Let's just ignore this one, k?  Well, I did get some cinder blocks from Mom & Dad's house.  Okay, fine, Dad delivered some cinder blocks.  And moving on...

3. Go to the local Garden Club plant sale tomorrow morning, and not buy any plants.  I didn't do too bad!  I didn't buy any tools, but I SCORED in the plant department - a Jerusalem artichoke and Egyptian onion for the Middle East herb bed, all for a grand total of... wait for it... $2.50.  Minus 10% for being a garden club member :)

4. Clean. The. House.  House?  What house?  What is this "clean" you speak of?

5. And hopefully celebrate a good friend's ATCH on one of her dogs.  Go Kyra!! Total, 100% success!  WAY TO GO, KYRA AND G.!!!



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